Joseph, originally from Detroit, MI, has been with Good Friends for over 6 years. He studied ASL for 4 years, and loves his martinis filthy.

Jeremy is from Houma, LA where he earned the title of "Snowball Heiress." Jeremy has been with Good Friends for 5 years. His favorite cocktail is the "Larkin" - A single-tall Deep Eddy Ruby Red and soda.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, "Tim" speaks several languages and has been with Good Friends for 3 years now. His favorite cocktail is the Trinidad Sour.

Jarrod hails from the great state of Ohio. He has been with the company for around 2 years now, and is obsessed with his manager, Bryan. He enjoys not filling out paperwork that dictates what goes on the website and long walks on the beach.

Ernie, originally from Lafayette, LA, has been with Good Friends for about a year now. He is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson and enjoys a good gin and cranberry with a splash of sour.

Brooks is from Fairhope, AL. When he's not slinging cocktails, he spends his free-time welding, sculpting, and potting. He's been with the company for 1 year now and enjoys a good Cucumber Mule.

Jonathon, after spending 6 years in Brooklyn, New York, is a new member to the Good Friends team! Jonathon spends his free time writing film reviews freelance. His favorite cocktail is a Negroni.

Alex, originally from right here in The Big Easy, is a new member of the Good Friends team! Alex boasts their love of carbs and drinks tequila straight.

John has been with Good Friends since 2017. He likes to get right down to it with a shot of whiskey and is from Ann Arbor, MI. He's been to every state in the USA with plans to travel the world one day.



Thursday - Saturday  6pm - 2am

Sunday  3pm -  11pm




New Orleans. LA 70116



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