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Meet The Team



Sean, originally from Slidell, LA, has been with Good Friends for 3 years. He loves to work out and go swimming at the country club. His sleuthing skills are beyond even the FBI.



This is Richard, our lovely bar manager. Our little jersey gem! Richard is the proud father to a giant great dane. His favorite drink is a double gin n tonic. With his free time he likes to craft and be all artsy fartsy!



Ernie, originally from Lafayette, LA, has been with Good Friends for about five year now. He is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson and enjoys a cool cup of water and skydiving.



Jeremy is from Houma, LA where he earned the title of "Snowball Heiress." Jeremy has been with Good Friends for 9 years. His favorite cocktail is the "Larkin" - A single-tall Deep Eddy Ruby Red and soda.



Jonathon, after spending 6 years in Brooklyn, New York, is a loved member of the Good Friends team! Jonathon spends his free time writing film reviews freelance. His favorite cocktail is a Negroni.



Ryan is originally from Ponchatoula , LA. Ryan has been with us for a while now and has bartended for our sister bar Cafe Lafitte in Exile as well. Ryan's sign is a cancer, so you know what that means!



This is Andree. He's only been with us for a few months now but we've quickly come to love him. Andree is a ball of fun and extremely artistic. Also fun fact, he won fastest racer in Mascara Race 2021.



This is Alyssa. They have recently joined our team and they have been such a great addition! Alyssa hails from Euclid , Ohio originally but has moved here to nola from Chicago. We couldn't be happier to have her with us.



Daryl is our lovely security guard. You can catch them working on the weekends and usually out of drag. Daryl enjoys keeping the peace and long romantic walks to the bar. In their downtime the partake in knitting and off shore fishing.



This chap we have here is Sebastian. He has a really long name and owns a sewer cat. He enjoys plants and recreational activities. Sebastian is one of our weekend barbacks so if you come party with us on the weekend, you're more than likely to see him floating around.

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